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Бар-овал 6 предметов стопка 1022/ГН06 Барокко Увеличить изображение

1022/ГН06 "БАРОККО"

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"Magnificent and very solid" Romashka "bar will be appreciated by all barmen and consumers. A saturated and unsurpassed Venetian style of art, decorated with laser engraving and the method of effective spraying, will not leave indifferent any restaurant.
We have been producing mini-bars for a long time, carefully preserving the quality of products and progressively improving the manufacturing technology. This is how the effective growth of our production and the increase in sales geography are achieved, where each and every entrepreneur will receive an unbelievable profit from the sale of the purchased product.
We have everything for the bar wholesale, including reliable and trouble-free logistics, favorable prices and constant quality. Long-term cooperation and the success of retail chains are the best guarantee of our work!