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Бар-ромашка 6 предметов стакан 1256/ГН06 Барокко Увеличить изображение

1256/ГН06 "БАРОККО"

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"The modern mini-bar" Romashka ", made in the characteristic style of the Middle Ages, will become an indispensable accessory in public catering and drinking establishments. The bright and imposing figure emphasizes the invariable beauty of the Baroque era, forcing the consumer to taste the liquid from the glass to the very bottom.
Tableware for a bar in bulk is a great opportunity to get a guaranteed profit! A quality glassware, an excellent drawing, made with the help of high-precision laser engraving and gold spraying, all this causes an excellent demand of consumers for this set.
Buy a mini goose crystal glass is easy and simple with our company! Wholesale deliveries of our products are carried out throughout Russia, with the observance of technical and regulatory regulations for the transportation of glass products. The bar with glass gourmet goose is not only an everyday set for pubs, but also an excellent set of presents that can be so useful at commercial exhibitions and conferences!