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1001 + 44134 / GN07 "BAROQUE" BAR-PODKOVA

Бар Подкова 1001/44134 ГН-07 Барокко Увеличить изображение

1001+44134/ГН07 "БАРОККО"

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"Baroque baroque" Baroque "- an excellent combination of glass compositions in the form of a decanter and wine glasses. Such a set will be an excellent addition not only to sales networks, but also the main subject of important business meetings. The convenient and compact stand that comes with the kit will allow you to easily assemble the sets and not take up much space.
We will always be able to supply you with a large amount of bars, filling the vacant positions in your warehouse as much as possible. Demand for our products is very large, which guarantees you effective and profitable sales of the purchased goods. The best supplier of bars is a direct producer, in our person! We will gladly deliver you even one pallet of bars, so that you can visually appreciate the quality and excellent product.