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1001 + 1022 / GN07 "BAROQUE" NC 7 SUBJECTS

Бар-07 Венге мат. Барокко 1001/1022 Увеличить изображение

1001+1022/ГН07 "БАРОККО"

Новый товар


"A well-adjusted composition of wine glasses with a decanter, will be your sales leader among glassware! A high level of graphic performance and consistent product quality will undoubtedly bring about concomitant success in marketing.
Buying wholesale bars, you provide an obvious benefit to its implementation. Selling to our customers goose-crystal bars in bulk, we strive to maintain the profitability of their business, giving high-quality goods at low prices!
As a pleasant addition is a convenient and stately stand, where each item of the set fits comfortably and looks great, giving a rich look to the commodity unit. With us you can always profitably buy a bar with glass of goose-crystal!