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B-67-1000 BOWL "KUVSHIN 1000 ML

В-67-1000 "ШАР" КУВШИН 1000 МЛ Увеличить изображение

В-67-1000 "ШАР"

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"An incredibly valuable and popular accessory, glass a jug of own production , will be an excellent addition to your trading series. Such a product is made of practical glass of high quality and combines immeasurably significant social factors.
Jugs wholesale - it"s a profitable and cost-effective step to purchase goods of better quality. Progressive technologies and highly qualified specialists allow our company not only to be the leading enterprise in the glassware market, but also to remain always in the trend. The incredibly ergonomic design and the refined shape of the jug, bring the indispensable comfort and convenience in using it.