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П-77-300-ЕЧ "ЧАЙКОФФ" КРУЖКА 300 МЛ Увеличить изображение

П-77-300-ЕЧ "ЧАЙКОФФ"

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"Classic glass mugs for tea and coffee, made from top-quality raw materials of European quality, will perfectly fill your trading range. Such goods will be an excellent choice for all kinds of drinking establishments, including bars.
A set of mugs for tea is an everyday household goods, the demand of which is difficult to assess. Such glassware is incredibly practical to use, primarily because it does not absorb odors and is very well washed, both by hand methods and in dishwashers. Convenient shape and nice design, of course, will go to the liking of each client without exception, which will provide great demand in the glass products market. That"s why you have a great opportunity to buy a truly high-quality product at an incredibly low price!