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Sconce Vintage №2, 1 Lamp

Sconce Vintage №2, 1 Lamp Увеличить изображение

артикул 2081

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Sconce "Vintage" embodied the best achievements in the design of lighting equipment of the 20th century. A discreet but luxurious product is very popular with retail customers. This model is desirable to include in the order, if you want to buy bra in bulk. Also here you can buy chandeliers in bulk, including in vintage stylistics, to create harmonious sets of lighting equipment. The catalog of chandeliers and sconces will help you choose stylish and reliable lamps to create a diverse assortment. This will allow you to create tempting offers for different customers, increasing the overall level of sales in the store. We created the best conditions for wholesalers: delivery to the transport company and prices from the manufacturer.