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Shtof Crystal cork + sealer

Штоф "Кристалл" в сборе (штоф+пробка+уплотнитель) Увеличить изображение

Кристалл в сборе

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"The gorgeous and brilliant glass goblin, the goose crystal, with incredible ease will fit into your product range. The strict geometric shape of the product, as well as the incomparable diamond-shaped cut on the main part, give the curtain a very presentable presentation.
Carafes from glass goose crystal - modern and inexpensive products from the manufacturer, having a wide variety of sizes and shapes. By buying glass decanters in bulk, you will get an excellent opportunity to gain a good commercial advantage with subsequent resale. We are a direct manufacturer of decanters, which gives us the opportunity to independently vary prices towards buyers, even in times of crisis in a market economy.