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Shtof Barsky in collection (shtoff + cork + sealant)

Штоф "Барский" в сборе (штоф+пробка+уплотнитель) Увеличить изображение

Барский в сборе

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"Charmingly elegant and truly baroque shtof, will complement any, even the most extensive, assortment of glass products. The magnificent decorative design and elegant form of the decanter, give the product such a high status. A reliable cork with a seal, hermetically closes the neck of the damask, preserving the whole rich and bright aroma of the drink in the decanter.
Glass dams and decanters are a very popular commodity on the market! First of all, it is an indispensable product of any drinking establishment, of various statuses. In addition, shtofs and decanters goose crystal are well known to the widest range of consumers, which makes them the leader among similar products. Finally, production of shtofs is carried out using modern technology, while preserving the high quality of the product.