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Decanter Classic in collection (shtoff + cork + sealant)

Графин "Классик" в сборе (штоф+пробка+уплотнитель) Увеличить изображение

Классик в сборе

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"Ageless tradition and stability, proven reliability and durability - the bright advantages and qualities of the" Classic "decanter. Widely recognizable and such a pleasant, conical shape of the product, will bring to each consumer feelings of nostalgia and bright emotions.
The production of decanters is not only the production of high-quality goods, but also the realization of the basic needs of the glass products market, because the demand for such products has not ceased for centuries. Buying glass shtofy, you will ensure a stable sale of this product, which along with its high quality and low price, will support the image of your company at a high level.