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44160/ГН12 Вдохновение н-р 12 предметов (бокал 44160 + стопка 1022) с напылением и гравировкой  VIP Увеличить изображение

44160+1022/ГН12 "ВДОХНОВЕНИЕ"

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"A set of twelve items consists of six glasses and stacks with a stunning pattern. Snow-white coating of a wine glass and gold engraving will organically fit it into a restaurant setting or a solemn home-made meal.

High-quality production equipment performs long-lasting deposition on engraving, which is confirmed by certificates of conformity. Openwork classic pattern, high-quality performance and gift wrapping will make this set an excellent addition to your assortment.

In our store, the ware with the spraying of wholesale is sold at the most favorable prices from the manufacturer. "