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43944 + 1256 / GN07 "VERSAL" KUVSHIN 1000ML STAKAN 200ML N -P 7 SUBJECTS

43944+1256/ГН07 "ВЕРСАЛЬ" КУВШИН 1000МЛ СТАКАН 200МЛ Н-Р 7 ПРЕДМЕТОВ Увеличить изображение

43944+1256/ГН07 "ВЕРСАЛЬ"

Новый товар


"A pitcher and glasses with engraving of the Goose of the Crystal Glass Factory will be a bright addition to the high-level banquet table setting. The pattern in gold and white is executed with tremendous grace, and simplicity of the form and quality of execution will make this set one of the most demanded goods in your assortment.

The dishes with the deposition of wholesale in our store will be a profitable investment in your business due to the best quality and low price ratio.

Our managers are always ready to advise you on all emerging issues and help you purchase sets with wholesale spraying and any other interesting product. "