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44160 / GN06 "VIPS VIP" 2 SILK SET 200ML

44160/ГН06 vip2 Версаль н-р 6 предметов (бокал для шампанского "Tulipe" 200мл) с напылением и гравировкой Увеличить изображение

44160/ГН06 "ВЕРСАЛЬ"

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"A graceful and graceful set of goose-crystal glasses engraved with" platinum "can be an excellent addition to your trading line. The representative form of the product, as well as the bright corporate design, give the product an elite and stately appearance. Such an effect is largely achieved through unique engraving and spraying, the process of application of which is carried out by our own technological process. Engraving of wineglasses in goose-crystal is the creation of only an exclusive and unique engraving made on innovative European equipment, followed by spraying of a glass shades of precious metals.