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44728/ГН02 "СЕРДЦЕ" НАБОР СВАДЕБНЫЙ Увеличить изображение

44728/ГН02 "СЕРДЦЕ"

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"Wedding glasses are products that will never lose their consumer. The reason for this - the high demand for wedding attributes at any time of the year and under any circumstances. The wedding set of "Gus Khrustalny" glasses with engraved platinum is a commodity category, the demand for which always remains at a proper level.

Glasses "Goose Crystal", engraved by real professionals, capable of realizing any, even the most a fantastic idea, is a product that enjoys constant popularity among newlyweds and decorators of wedding ceremonies. The spraying of a glass is an element of decor that can turn a head even to the most intractable consumer.

The low price from the manufacturer and the quality work done are the features of the offered products that will turn it into a good source of profit.
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