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44410 / GN06 " ERSAL "VIP martini glass + 190 ml 3 H-R 6 subjects

44410 / GN06 " ERSAL "VIP martini glass + 190 ml 3 H-R 6 subjects Увеличить изображение

44410/ГН06 "ВЕРСАЛЬ"

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Сортировка по наименованию: Бокалы
Сортировка по рисунку: Версаль
Сортировка по количеству: 6

Цена: 469,00руб
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Goose Crystal is a well-known brand, a well-known manufacturer of cookware with engraving. Ordering in our online store glasses with engraving Goose Crystal, you buy the genuine product of the popular brand at a bargain price from the manufacturer, which is certainly a good choice for your business. Gouge Crystal sets with engraving, platinum and gold attract the attention of consumers and are in constant demand, which ensures you a stable profit. One of these sets is Versailles from six glasses for martini. Engraving in the style of antique ornamentation and supporting its gold spray on the center emphasize the noble laconic design.