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44411 / GN06 "baroque" VIP 3 wine glasses 290ml N-R 6 subjects

44411/ГН06 vip3 Барокко н-р 6 предметов (фужер для воды Bistro" 190мл) с напылением и гравировкой" Увеличить изображение

44411/ГН06 "БАРОККО"

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"The exquisite wine glasses of the Baroque, manufactured by our production, can be the best tool for successful trading! Successful engraving and high-quality spraying, gives this product such a historical and unique kind of cultural heritage. The amazingly low price for the goods will please you very much, and the high-quality performance of the external forms of wine glasses will only add a positive note when selecting these products.
Our glasses and glasses with engraving and spraying are always famous for their unrivaled colorful look and excellent quality. We do not change our traditions and try to keep the highest rates in the price-quality ratio. That swhy our glasses, glasses with engraving and spraying enjoy an incredible demand in the glass products market.