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1335 / X06 mug colored / artistic

1335/Х06 кружка цветная/художественная Увеличить изображение

1335/Х06 кружка цв/худ.

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The site presents a huge assortment of dishes with artistic painting.You can buy at wholesale prices colored glasses , mugs, salad bowls and much more.Glassware with paintings has been very popular for many decades. Decorated with designs in different subjects, tableware items can be found both in a simple kitchen and in catering establishments.
We are pleased to offer you a charming set of mugs with bright glass on which a floral ornament is applied. Undoubtedly, this dish will appeal to the guests, it sa pleasure to drink tea from such mugs. Together with a delicious drink you will give each guest a charge of good mood!