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Bar transparent colored Roses

Бар прозрачный цветной Розы Увеличить изображение

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Interested in glassware with hand painted? In our catalog you will find hundreds of interesting and original offers! At us the ware from a transparent or painted glass with an exquisite art painting is presented: floral motifs, ethnic and geometric ornaments and much more. The painting is decorated with jugs, glasses, glasses, salad bowls and other dishes, so you will definitely find the models that suit you. For example, a set of "Roses". Glasses are made of transparent glass, on which roses of a gentle pink color are drawn. An interesting detail: the legs of the glasses are painted black, but the glass retains its transparency. The minimum price is set for all dishes, because the offer comes directly from the manufacturer of dishes. Pleasant bonus: the delivery is by us, so you will receive the order in safety and on time.