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Set 12 pr (6 glasses 190 ml + 6 glasses 60 ml.) engraving + spraying "Golden grid flowers"

Набор 12 пр. (6 бокалов 190 мл. + 6 рюмок 60 мл.) гравировка + напыление "Золотая сетка цветы" Увеличить изображение

44160/44134 ГН-12 VIP

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"A set of 12 items is in constant demand, well established in the market and gaining recognition from consumers. Dishes made of transparent glass, has an ideal shape and perfectly combines the engraving of a delicate floral pattern with gold plating. An excellent choice for personal and commercial use.

Modern methods of engraving can eliminate the marriage of products and reduce its cost. At the same time, the products have a stable quality, engraving and spraying will not wear out for a long time and tarnish. The set is packed in a beautiful gift box from a micro corrugated cardboard. "
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