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1001/1250/1322 / ГН09 "BAROQUE" SET (GRAPHIN + 6 STOP + 2 SALADIC)

1001+1250+1322/ГН09 "БАРОККО" ГРАФИН 500МЛ СТОПКА 50МЛ САЛАТНИК ВЫСОТА 60ММ ДИАМЕТР 110ММ Увеличить изображение

1001+1250+1322/ГН09 "БАРОККО"

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"A set of nine crystal items includes six piles, a decanter and two salad bowls. The products are decorated with golden engraving and snow-white spraying in the classical baroque palace style, executed with exceptional elegance.

The classic drawing and unsurpassed quality, tested by the experts of the Goose-Crystal Glass Factory, will not leave this product without your buyers" attention. A low price from the manufacturer will make it a profitable investment in your business.

Buying in our store gift sets of dishes in bulk, you make a contribution to the future of your business!"