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43737 / Х01 "Ш RM "Art painting on transparent glass

Ваза 43737 прозрачная художественная. Шарм. Увеличить изображение

43737/Х01 "ШАРМ"

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" Glass vase with art painting will become an excellent wholesale acquisition, as the declared price will allow you to save considerably. All products come directly from the manufacturer, which will make sure the quality of the proposed goods. The offered sets of vases in both Gus-Khrustalny and in Moscow will be in high demand among buyers. There are several reasons for this:
• Interesting design;
• High quality of used materials;
• Price from the manufacturer.

Unusual design, quality at the proper level and low cost - Here are three whales, which will provide significant sales of the above. Purchase of a glass vase "Charm" with artistic painting today guarantees the first profit tomorrow!

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