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43966 / Х01 "IREN" WHITE "

Ваза 43966 Ирен белая Увеличить изображение

43966/Х01 "ИРЕН"

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Today in Russia glass vases are very popular, manufacturers from different countries offer their products. But in Russia there are worthy manufacturers of glassware, while they offer inexpensive, modern products. In our catalog you will find many domestic glass vases: painted, transparent, with artistic painting, rhinestones and other decorative solutions. For example, the Irene vase in white is decorated with golden and silver rhinestones. This product looks very stylish and modern, and in no way inferior in quality and design to European products. In this case, this model, like other vases from our catalog, low cost. Make an order to make a profitable wholesale purchase of vases. We will deliver your order quickly and accurately.