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43966 / Х01 "ЛИРА" WHITE

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43966/Х01 "ЛИРА"

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glass vase wholesale
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A stylish modern vase made of opaque white glass immediately attracts attention. Black and silver delicate geometric pattern gives the product sophistication and refinement. This model looks great in offices, apartment houses with a modern design, hairdressers. It is important that it can act as a separate element of the decor, and not just " vase for flowers ." Therefore, the demand for this vase is consistently high - it will immediately become the sales leader in your store. And to get a high profit you will help low purchase cost - after all, we offer products from the manufacturer directly! We have a huge geography of supplies of vases wholesale: Rostov, Novosibirsk, Moscow and other cities of Russia. Transportation takes place as soon as possible.