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43966 / Х01 "ЛИРА" RED

Ваза 43966 Лира Красная Увеличить изображение

43966/Х01 "ЛИРА"

Новый товар


Material: Glass

Matter: Tempered glass

Processing: Decor with crystals on painted glass



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Height: 260mm

Volume: 260mm 10 1/2 ".

Diameter: 70mm

Diameter: 70mm 3 ".

Recently, it"s harder to surprise the consumer, because the abundance of goods has long outstripped demand. This concerns, among other things, glass products, which are supplied by our company. Here you can buy vases in bulk (with delivery - "Ukraine") for every taste!
I would like to draw your attention to such original samples as "Lira". This version is made in a simple technique: the glass is densely covered with paint, and the main decor is the rhinestones. Such a vase will become a bright accent in any interiors, but at the same time, due to the lack of drawings on the glass, will not overtax yourself.