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43966 / X01 "POMPS" PURPLE

Ваза 43966 ромбы фиолет Увеличить изображение

43966/Х01 "РОМБЫ"

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On the purple background, there are silvery, iridescent rhombs. A deep basic color and a shining geometric pattern immediately attract attention, so this vase is in great demand in retail stores. Unusual design, high quality of our vases will make an excellent reputation for your store - after all, customers will recommend to their friends to contact you. We sell vases from the manufacturer in bulk, so we offer extremely low purchase prices for wholesalers. Of course, your order will be delivered to any region as soon as possible - this is ensured by our well-managed logistics. The order will come in full safety, after all delivery is made extremely carefully and with performance of all rules of transportation of glass products.