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Ваза 43767 цветная художественная. Яблонька. Увеличить изображение

43767/Х01 "ЯБЛОНЬКА" ЦВ/ХУД.

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Material : Glass

Matter: Tempered glass

Processing: Art painting on painted glass

Processing: Art painting on stained glass < p> Vase / Vase:

H: 260mm. 10 1/2 ".

D: 80mm. 3 1/4".

A beautiful art painting on the glass will complement any interior and harmoniously fit into it. You can always buy from us a lot of such vases in bulk, and free delivery to a transport company represented in our region will be a perfect addition to your order.We offer you a wide range of dishes, including, you can buy vases (glass) of the form "cylinder" in bulk in any volumes. We will take care of the speedy delivery of the order to the address, checking the transfer of the goods to the transport company.
Our catalogs include table and floor vases. They are distinguished by high quality glass and accurate decoration. All utensils are manufactured by the factories of the city of Gus-Khrustalny, with whom we cooperate without intermediaries, which leads to a flexible pricing policy, as well as low cost of goods.